Vortragsankündigung und Einladung Prof. Conrad Perera "The Science Behind Juice Processing " 06_07_2017

Prof. Dr. Conrad Perera, University of Auckland, Neuseeland,
wird am Donnerstag, den 06. 07. 2017 um 17:00 h
einen Vortrag halten über seine Forschungen zum Thema
"The Science Behind Juice Processing "

Der Vortrag findet im Hörsaal 24, Studienfakultät
Forstwirtschaft, Hans-Carl-von-Carlowitz-Platz 2, Freising,
statt. Wir würden uns über eine rege Teilnahme freuen.

Juice is the cell sap which is contained in the vacuole of parenchyma
cells of fruits and vegetables. In the intact fruit tissue, various
organelles are compartmentalised and exist in the fruit tissue isolated
from each other. In order to extract the juice the compartmentalisation
of the fruit tissues have to be broken. There are a number of methods of
breaking the fruit tissue, which include mechanical cell disruption,
enzyme liquefaction and counter current extraction by denaturing the
cell membranes. There are many Chemical processes involved in each
of these techniques. The science involved in juice manufacture and the
role that pectin plays in cloudy and clear juice processing will be