29.07.202142nd Mykotoxin Workshop

At the 42nd Mycotoxin Workshop (taking place online) our chair was represented by PhD students Eva Biehl and Sophie Scheibenzuber, who gave talks about mycotoxin contamination of grains, e.g. barley. The full report on the...[more]

28.07.2021New Paper: Peptide Glycation

Glycation is an intricate reaction cascade important in both food and biological systems. Due to the enormous heterogeneity of peptides and the complexity of glycation reactions, the structure-driven reaction behavior of peptides...[more]

15.07.2021Leopold Weidner wins the Weurman Poster Award

Participating in the 16th Weurman Flavor Research Symposium, Helmholtz PhD student Leopold Weidner wins the best poster award in the area of 'analytical tools'. Weidner's poster is called "Monitoring the effects of thermal...[more]

02.06.2021Beer: the molecular complexity of Maillard products

The Maillard reaction is a deeply investigated, yet not fully understood sequence of chemical reactions that enriches our lives through e.g. the formation of aromatic volatiles during food production and preparation. This...[more]

21.05.2021In case you crave for Asian food…

...we have good news for you. Our recent publication deals with the Asian brassica vegetable Choy Sum, one of the most used ingredients in Asian cuisine. Together with our partners from National University of Singapur, we...[more]

13.03.2021Christian Schnurr wins the GAIA Masters Student Paper Award 2021

The peer-reviewed journal GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society yearly gives out the GAIA Master Student Paper Award to honor the best research papers of master’s students. The area of interest is the...[more]

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A new volume dealing with the analysis of vitamins has been edited by the Chair of Analytical Food Chemistry and the division  BIOANALYTIK Weihenstephan .

The book titled "Fortified Foods with Vitamins" is published by Wiley-VCH and is available online or from book sellers: ISBN-10: 352733078X