14.04.2022New Paper on Alternaria in Barley

Our newest paper discusses the effect of malting processes on the levels of free and modified forms of alternaria toxins in barley. Our findings show that especially ALTP and ATX I, which were not found in barley, were present in...[more]

24.02.2022Invitation to METROFOOD Webinars

Metrofood, the European infrastructure for metrology in food analytics, offers a series of intriguing online talks in March 2022. For everyone who is passionate about food chemistry, the list of talks can be found here.[more]

15.02.2022Florian Biener wins Silesia prize for bachelor thesis on in-vitro meat

It is not unusual that during covid times bachelor theses are carried out theoretically. One of the most intriguing theses comes from Florian Biener who did his bachelor thesis in our group about the topic of in-vitro meat (IVM)....[more]

28.01.2022Global Young Scientists Summit

In mid-January, four of our PhD students took part in the Global Young Scientists Summit, an online event about the future of technology and science. Different talks with nobel laureates and enterpreneurs gave insight into the...[more]

30.11.2021How to Bake Science – New Publication on Bread Rolls

In our latest publication from Helmholtz Center Munich we investigated oven vapor from bread rolls with untargeted FT-ICR-MS. Up to 4.700 species were detected, witnessing the Maillard reaction including the formation of...[more]

11.11.2021Prof. Dr. Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin in the Power List of The Analytical Scientist

For the second time, The Analytical Scientist lists Prof. Dr. Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin as one of the 100 most influential researches in the field of analytics. Every year, the magazine honors outstanding analysts in their...[more]

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A new volume dealing with the analysis of vitamins has been edited by the Chair of Analytical Food Chemistry and the division  BIOANALYTIK Weihenstephan .

The book titled "Fortified Foods with Vitamins" is published by Wiley-VCH and is available online or from book sellers: ISBN-10: 352733078X