Research Infrastructure METROFOOD-RI started the Preparatory Phase on 1st December 2019

METROFOOD-RI is a European Research Infrastructure, which aims at integrating the principles of metrology (i.e. the science of measurement) into food analysis on a paneuropean level. It is part of the Roadmap 2018 of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI). The European consortium of METROFOOD-RI consists of 48 institutions from 18 countries collaborating in the field of food analysis, food technology, agriculture, information technology and risk assessment. The consortium is coordinated by Dr. Claudia Zoani from the Italian Partner ENEA. Germany is represented by the TUM Chair of Analytical Food Chemistry.

After successful proof of concept (Early Phase, 2017), METROFOOD-RI has now started the Preparatory Phase on 1st December 2019. This phase is going to continue until 2021 and sets preparations for METROFOOD-RI becoming fully operational in 2024. The research infrastructure will then offer procedures for method standardization, preparation of reference materials, proficiency tests, data management and processing as services for authorities and private customers. The life time of the infrastructure is foreseen by the EU for two decades.