New Publication on Folate Analysis

In our latest publication, Obermaier et al. take a close look at rare Brazilian food plants, called PANCs, and determine both the total folate content and the vitamin distribution of various widely unknown fruits and leaves. Among the Brazilian PANCs, the fruits pequi, with a folate content of 333 μg/100 g (fresh weight), and oiti, as well as the leaves of the taioba plant, particularly caught the eye. The work demonstrates the potential of regional, previously unconventional food crops to provide a rich source of folate and nutrition and contribute to food security.

This study also added another vitamer to our existing stable isotope dilution analysis (SIDA). By validating the 13C-labelled 10-formyl folic acid, the quantification of folate content by now five vitamers is even more accurate.

Click here for the publication.

Image: Pequi in Brazil