New vitamin B12 publication

Graphical abstract of the B12 cyanidation paper.

The classic approach for the quantification of vitamin B12 in foods applies the conversion of all vitamers into the more stable cyanocobalamin by cyanidation. The performance of the cyanidation conversion which is highly relevant to the obtained total B12 contents, however, was generally neglected. In our recent publication, Wang et al. observed incomplete and instable conversions of the vitamers into cyanocobalamin when applying the cyanidation method with stable isotop dilution assay to real meat samples. However, in order to reduce the complexity of vitamers and to ensure analyte stability, most analytical routine methods are based on cyanidation. Hence, the authors recommend a regular verification of the obtained values, independent of the detection method used, to guarantee more reliable results in B12 analytics in the future. The challanges associated with cyanidation-based approaches for B12 determination were as well discussed - read the publication to find out more.