Research Visit in Singapore by Lisa Obermaier

Up: Presentation on folates in algy and soy bean. Down: Together with the team of Proteins4Singapore at TUMcreate

Our PhD student Lisa Obermaier returns from her one-month research stay in Singapore. Stops of the trip were first the laboratory of Prof. Yulan Wang, which does research in metabolomics at the Singapore Phenome Centre. Ms. Obermaier presented her own research on the analysis of folate vitamers in different matrices, from algae and soybean to underexploited Brazilian food sources with our collaborative partners from Proteins4Singapore at TUMCREATE.

The project “Proteins4Singapore” combines the cultivation of non-animal protein alternatives with pioneering food processing and novel extraction methods, thereby integrating innovative reverse food engineering approaches. Our chair, with Prof. Rychlik as one of the PIs for Proteins4Singapore, provides the analytical background for B-vitamin and mycotoxin quantification in these products. As one of the most critical vitamins regarding deficiencies worldwide, folates are especially interesting for Proteins4Singapore and AquaCycle. Both soybean and microalgae biomass prove great potential as rich folate sources. At the newly equipped labs at TUMCREATE, Ms. Obermaier gained insights into the progress of Proteins4Singapore and exchanged knowledge with all the collaboration partners about vitamin analysis. Now that the labs are set up, the method transfer will soon take place and the project will reach full speed.