Webinar at TUM Sustainability Day (PROVIDE)

As part of the first TUM Sustainability Day our chair will host a webinar on “Valorization of food by-products – chances and challenges to achieve a circular food system”. In this approximately one-hour long presentation, we will discuss the importance of a circular economy in the food production sector as well as the possible chances and challenges of re-using food production sidestreams/by-products. For that, the currently running EU project PROVIDE („Protein and Biomolecules Sources for Nutritional Security and Biodiversity of Bakery Products in a Circular Food System“) will be presented, and green technologies for the valorization of whey, brewers spent grain and oilseed press cakes will be demonstrated. With these technologies, new high-value added ingredients can be obtained, which can then be used in the baking industry.

More information on the first TUM sustainability is available here.


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